Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Plans for 2014 (And Giveaway Winner Announced!)

Farewell, 2013. We hardly knew ye. You were a good year for some, a horrendous year for others, and yet you kept marching on. Your next of kin, 2014, has been notified of your pending demise at the end of the day this New Year’s Eve. It’s almost a shame that you years have such short life spans. Even the leapers among you die exactly one full day later.

But 2014 is already here for people to start making plans, myself included. Here’s what you can expect to see from me in the coming year.

From Science Fiction: This January will bring a kicking start to the new year with the release of my fourth novel, Interstellar Dad. I’m closing in on the halfway point of the final read-through to my fourth novel. Then it’s just a matter of cleaning up the final glitches, getting the cover art together, and releasing it into the internet wild. I’m trying to get this done by the 7th. Later in the month, I’ll do a five-day blog tour to help spread the word of Interstellar Dad. I haven’t sent out the request for help with Interstellar Dad, so if you want to help me out with the tour, by all means let me know.

From Fantasy: By far the prequel to Spell of Entrapment, my debut fantasy novel, will be my biggest release of the year. A Mage among Trolls takes a look at the back story behind one of the most mysterious characters in Spell of Entrapment. I’m aiming for a May/June release time frame for this one. I always set a high bar for all of my stories, but this one may have the highest bar yet as it will be the first time a second entry into a series work is added.

From Horror: I’m an author who writes science fiction, fantasy, and horror. It wouldn’t be fair of me to publish books in the first two and neglect the last one altogether. Once A Mage among Trolls is out there, I’ll switch gears and round out the year with a horror novel involving vampires. Yes, I decided to tackle them despite their possibly dwindling popularity in an overly saturated market. Don’t worry. I’ll make my vampires differ from what’s out there. And my vampires won’t sparkle.

Aside from these releases, I plan to delve deeper into audio books with 2-3 releases there. I’ll eventually get around to putting my work out in print. It’ll just take a while still to get there.

Before I close out this post, I still have the matter of picking the winner of my Optical Osmosis giveaway from the ‘Tis More Blessed event this past Friday. Congratulations to Michelle Wallace! I’ll be in touch to get that copy of Optical out to you.

So what are your plans for the New Year? I hope you make it a safe and happy one!


Misha Gericke said...

Sounds like you have great plans for the new year. Hope your 2014 is a blessing to you.

Best of luck! x

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Michelle will be excited!
Three books is impressive. I didn't write last year, focusing more on my music, but I intend to complete the manuscript I began last week and get it to my publisher by this summer.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Happy New Year to you. You've had a productive year. I hope 2014 brings you all you ask for.

Donna Hole said...

Good plans. Hope they all work out well.

Happy New Year Jeff.


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